Ethan Pringle proposes his 8c+ trad

In California climbs Bleackbeard’s Tears

24 September 2016

10 days were necessery to Ethan Pringle to climb his projct at Promontory, Redwood Cost, California, and to announce his 8c+ trad ascent. The route Bleackbeard’s Tears was climbed first time by Matthias Holladay and graded at the beginning 5.11 A2. At the end for Matthis, there was a hard crux probably 7c/8a.

The extreme difficult of Pringle’s route puts Bleackbeard’s Tears at the top of trad climbing alongside Meltdown by Beth Rodden in Yosemite, The Recovery Drink by Nico Favresse a Jossingfjord (Norvegia) and Pura Pura by Tom Randall in Valle dell’Orco.

Ethan is a specialist of trad climbing. Cobra Crack, The Path or China Doll are some of his must resolved but in sport climbing he did also some Chris Sharma testpiece like Jumbo Love or Biographie. 8c is his highest grade in boulder with the ascent of The Wheel of Life.

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