[VIDEO] Brittany Goris, first female ascent of Stingray, 8b trad at Joshua Tree

Only a handful of RP in over thirty years for this crack in the desert

22 February 2020
Brittany Goris did the first female ascent of Stingray, feared crack opened in the late 1980s in Joshua Tree.

Great ascent of value for Brittany Goris who in the Joshua Tree desert has repeated the famous and feared Stingray, trad crack route valued 8b.

It took 50 attempts at the strong climber spread in about two months because, due to the joints of fingers, particular rest times were needed to recover better.

"Finally! After about 50 attempts and two months of work, with a big finger so that we nicknamed El Gigante, I closed Stingray on the fourth go of the day (February 8). Videos and articles will come out, for now I'm just very happy, relieved and grateful for having reached the end of this trip."

This route was freed by the legendary Japanese climber Hidetaka Suzuki in 1988, shortly after Mike Paul who, however, had climbed it top rope. It therefore took 22 years to see the first rep that came thanks to super specialist Sonnie Trotter.

Mason Earle in 2014, Matt Segal and Will Stanhope in 2015 and Prithipal Khalsa a few days before Brittany, the names of the other climbers.

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