Buster Martin, do not live climbing as a religion but climb the same a 9a route

21 years old resolves RainShadow at Malham Cove after a 4 years stop long

21 June 2018
Great return for Buster Martin that at Malham Cove did the probably 9th ascent of his first 9a RainShadow.

First 8a at 14 years old, first 8b at 15 and first 8c, Bat Route, at 16, Buster decided to climb also some years but then stopped for a long period and, as it’s known, there’s not worse enemy for climber than the rest. But after some boulder in India and South Africa, Martin found again motivation and decided to try this his dream route.

"I had taken a break from climbing but without ever getting away from it. I simply wanted to know other things, have other hobbies and enjoy my teenage life. Ever since I saw Steve McClure's photos in a local newspaper, I figured I'd get that route one day because you can not get to Mlaham Cove and not be impressed. After this break, I found myself bouldering in India and South Africa and this has rekindled my passion for rock and movement. After meeting Steve who had invited me to Malham, I found the movements really too hard. I trained hard during the winter but it was the meeting with Ben Moon and his advice to give me the real motivation to go up.”

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