Caroline Ciavaldini completed The Quarryman ascent

In Galles on the famous Johnny Dawes route

17 April 2018
Great ascent in Galles for French climber Caroline Ciavaldini that at Twll Mawr did supeclassic and terrifying The Quarryman, the most dismal route of the mine.

In April 2016, Caro climbed the pitch known as Groove but had promised to return to complete the project and climb all the route consisting of an E6, an E5, the 8th of Groove and a 7c + final. Degrees would not seem extreme especially in relation to today's standards but to understand what you are talking about, just see the famous film with Johnny Dawes Stone Monkey that you willingly change your mind. Climbing is precarious, absurd in some ways, in a place that would not inspire even an aspiring suicide. It is the furthest away from the idea of climbing in the continental version.
Yet Caroline, who from her partner James Pearson has also taken the habit of climbing certain lengths little indicated for a lady, did not let herself be intimidated and returned to her project in 2016, while she was also taken with La Voie Petit on the Grand Capucin saw the climb of her husband James.


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