Cedric Lachat projected to 9b

At Oliana climbs Pachamama

22 January 2020
Concentrated on the crag of Oliana, Cedric Lachat has also climbed Pachamama and now he may be ready for Mamichula, a route that connects his last with Papichilo, solved years ago.

Yet another level performance at the crag for the Swiss ace Cedric Lachat who in Spain, in Oliana, has resolved his sixth 9a + also closing Pachamama and now seems really launched to the ambitious project to close his first 9b which could be Mamichula.

This fact, freed by Adam Ondra in 2017 and repeated by Seb Bouin in 2019, arises from Pachamama's own concatenation with Papichulo, which Cedric had already solved in 2011.

As mentioned, Lachat can also count on a very high experience on the 9a + having in fact the curriculum La Rambla in Siurana, Sweet Neuf in Vencors, Chaxi and the aforementioned Papichulo in Oliana and La Cène du Lézard in Jansegg, Switzerland.

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