[VIDEO] Chevy Crespo on Young, Wild and Free, first 8c in Ecuador

The strong local shows the possibilities of the South American country

27 December 2018

Ecuador, how many have ever thought of going there to climb? Surely few, at least a few Europeans. There, however, there is a lot of ferment among the "locals" because, as in many countries where the climb came "after" compared to the usual hot spots of the old and new continent, the excitement brought to discover new walls, bolting them and releasing new throws, it is fuel for morale and motivation.

The canyon of La Chorrera, on the slopes of the Chimborazo volcano, the highest peak of the Ecuadorian Andes, offers several interesting possibilities and here Chevy Crespo hit the first repeat of Young, Wild and Free, thus climbing the toughest shot in Ecuador and becoming the first of his country to solve a similar difficulty (for the news released by the very strong Brazilian Felipe Camargo).

Of course, we Europeans may have the palate too fine now for performance from "normal-strong" climber, but this climb is very important both on a personal level for Crespo and for the climbing movement of the South American country and here is also a video of the performance , definitely not recent but still relevant, moreover done very well!

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