Chiara Hanke climbs Sever The Wicked Hand, 9a in Frankenjura

The 25-year-old climber is the first German to achieve this difficulty

25 June 2019
Chiara Hanke climbed Sever The Wicked Hand in Frankenjura thus fulfilling the dream of closing the first 9a.

An important success for the German Chiara Hanke who hit the ascent of Sever The Wicked Hand in Frankenjura, thus signing her first 9a. The route, freed like so many others in these parts, from the phenomenal Markus Bock, had long been a songo for Chiara who thus became the first German to solve a shot of this degree.

Hanke is certainly not new to five-star performance. Among his previous achievements there are among others the climbs of Battle Cat, 8c + and the 8c of Klondike Cat, Odd Fellows, Lost Schnuller and above all the famous Wallstreet.

Now that the 9a wall for Chiara has collapsed, why not think to Action Direct?


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