Doing White Zombie, Cintia Percivati ​​is the first Argentine to climb an 8c

At the Cuenve de Baltzola, an important step forward for climbing in the South American country

03 July 2019
Cintia Percivati climbed White Zombie at the Cueva de Baltzola, thus becoming the first Argentine climber to do an 8c route.

In these period of relizations from 9a to go up in the women's field, an 8c may seem small but for the Argentine climber Cintia Percivati it means a lot. The ascent of White Zombie at the Cueva de Baltzola, in Spain, represents for her and her country the first Argentine female 8c ever. An important personal success therefore that as always in these cases puts a seal on the high difficulty in pink and will surely stimulate other climbers and improve and grow.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Cintia lives in Patagonia and started climbing at 18. "For ten years I dedicated myself to mountaineering," she explains, "with climbs also on Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre but I also traveled trying various types of rock from the big walls to sports routes. I have visited Spain several times and here I have grown a lot in rock climbing. After a few 8b and 8b+ and on the instructions of a friend, I started working on White Zombie. The first day I put the movements together and already the second I got very high, falling close to the chain. On the third day I only thought of moving at my best and thanks to a stroke of inspiration, I found myself on the top."


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