Daniel Andrada, the man of 4000's

The unstoppable Spanish reaches a new record of routes and boulders over the 8a

23 November 2018
Quote 4000 and beyond. We are not talking about meters above sea level, but the routes and boulders from 8a that the Spanish climber Daniel Andrada has climbed till now in his long and extraordinary career.

At the moment, hoping it's not too late to say it, there are exactly 4015 including about 70 routes between 9a and 9b. Numbers simply scary! Dani started climbing at age 13, doing the first two years only in sneakers. At the first true climb on rock as a true climber takes home his first 7a and soon arrives at the 8a. In a single year he passes from 8a to 8c, annotating, cataloging and reporting all its climbs. The Andrada machine is now launched. Since then he has continued to climb like a steamroller, never losing passion and dedication, so much that in 2016 he was awarded at Arco di Trento with the Oscar for climbing, the Arco Rock Legend.
"I would like to get to 5000 but also 1000 in a year. Now I'm at 789. Now the tendence is to climb on very hard grade but I come from an old generation where you had to accumulate a lot of experience. Before trying an 8a you must have done 7c + on sight... "

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