Like father Like Son. After Olivier, first 9a at La Roche de Rame also for Diego Fourbet

The young French frees a new route and proposes an important grade for him

26 April 2019
Great first ascent for the 16 year old Frenchman Diego Fourbet who in La Roche de Rame has released a new route as his first possible 9a.

Performance for the 16-year-old athlete of the French national team Diego Fourbet who in La Roche de Rame, in the Briançonnais, freed a new pitch that had been waiting for the first climb for some years. It is 25 meters bolted a few years ago by Tony Lamiche.

Diego worked it this winter and in a few weeks he came to work on it. It is a proposal for now, for yet another unnamed one, and therefore the repeaters will have the last word but in the meantime it is curious that right on the same crag, in 2014, also his father Olivier, who climbed just with Lamiche in the 90s, he had climbed his first 9a by repeating a link opened Manu Romain. The difference, however, is that at the time Olivier was 44 years old.


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