Gabriela Vrablikova reaches the 9tagoing up Sever The Wicked Hand

Success in Frankenjura for the Prague climber

10 July 2019
First 9a for Gabriela Vrablikova, who a few months later her first 8c+, goes up Sever The Wicked Hand and reaches an important new personal record.

Success in Frankenjura for the Czech climber Gabriela Vrablikova who a few days ago climbed Sever The Wicked Hand thus solving her first 9a. A performance that was sought but also unexpected given that only in April it had touched the difficulty of 8c+ by closing Battel Cat, immediately nearby.

"I spent 15 days working the shot and everything around me gave me positive feelings. A big thank you goes to my trainer Petr Klofáč and the Andrle sport company - trénink & koučink who have been taking care of me for about two years, taking me from 8b to 9a."

Gabriela Vrablikova is the second woman to climb a 9th in Frankenjura after Chiara Hanke who at the end of June arrived at the chain of the same Sever The Wicked Hand.


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