At Rocklands, Giuliano Cameroni frees Legacy, first 9a in Africa

Route bolted and done also by Fred Nicole two days later

16 September 2019
Giuliano Cameroni freed Legacy, shooting at Rocklands which he considers to be a 9a and which had been bolted but not climbed by the legendary Fred Nicole.

Performance also with harness and rope for the champion Giuliano Cameroni who freed Legacy, a short and intense bouldering route at Rocklands that he considers to be 9a. If confirmed, Legacy could thus be considered the first length of this difficulty in Africa, located in the boulder mecca. This was bolted by famous Fred Nicole, who had been rehearsing her for some time. However, due to a hip problem, the grand master Fred could not return to his work lately and thus left room for the young Swiss.

"When Giuliano asked me if I mind him trying the route I sincerely didn’t know what to answer" writed fred on Insgram. "In my generation, it’s not usual to try somebody’s project till the person does it or gives it free. In the same time, I didn’t feel like telling somebody I know since he was born, and that I respect for his performances, not to try it. I let the decision to him and wished him sincerely luck if he would go for it!"

"Fred is a very humble person" replied Giuliano after the FA, "and before I climbed the route he didn’t tell me how close he was to send it. I am very happy for him, and since he’s put a lot more effort than me, it seems correct from my side to share the first ascent...In my opinion, this is the best way to progress our sport, by working as a team instead of competing against each other."


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