Iker Pou, second ascent of Santarope, 8c+/9a in Mallorca

Another sport climbing performance for Spanish ace after the Patagonia chapter

20 February 2019
First repeat by Iker Pou of Santarope, 8c+/9a in Mallorca.

Mallorca, winter destination for the Pou brothers. For some years, in fact, the very strong Iker and Eneko have realized that passing the cold winter months to the warmth of one of the pearls of our Mediterranean, is not really a disgusting way to stay fit and back from the cold of Patagonia, where in inclement weather they opened Haizea, they went to warm their bones in the sun of the Iberian island. And here Iker has made the first repeat of Santarope, freed by the local Xavi González, which with its grade of 8c+/9a is one of the most interesting shots of the island and that follows a couple of months the wonderful first ascent of Artaburu, "perhaps" the hardest length ever ascended by the strong Basque, for which he had proposed, pending repetitions, something from the parts of 9b

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