Iker Pou climbs La Nave de Los Locos, new 9a in Maiorca

Twenty years on grade nine without losing fingers and enthusiasm

29 January 2020

The Spanish legend Iker Pou has climbed a new 9a by freeing La Nave de Los Locos in Mallorca

The phenomenal Iker Pou has been looking for twenty years for new crag challenges that all have a common denominator, grade 9.

In fact, it was 2000 when a young Basque with a vaguely intellectual air presented himself under the overhangs of the famous Action Direct and thanks to an uncommon tendon genetic predisposition, also developed thanks to furious training, signed the third climb of the symbolic route of Wolfgang Gullich.

Iker Pou had arrived on the world stage and from there onwards it will be a succession of top performances in the sports field mixed, especially in recent years, by climbs in an extremely demanding and selective mountain environment.

The latest performance is the free ascent of this La Nave de Los Locos, a 25-meter pitch characterized by great resistance in Mallorca and bolted by Luis Palao "Primo", which Iker evaluates to be 9a.

Among the various creations of Pou at the crag, we remember Bain de Sang 9a from 2003; Demencia Senil 9a + from 2010; Nit de Bruixes 9a + from 2012 and for now repeated only by Ramon Julián; Celedón 9a/+ from 2012; Big Men 9a+ from 2015 unrepeated and Artaburu 9b/+? of 2018.

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