The new Slovenian talent Ema Seliškar climbs her first 8c +

14 years old from Kotečniku did Beautiful Pain

10 May 2019
The 14-year-old Slovenian Ema Seliškar in her homeland climbs Beautiful Pain, her first 8c+.

Yet another success for the Slovenian school that produces talents not to end up as much in the competitions as on rock and this time it's the turn of Ema Seliškar, a 14-year-old athlete who solved Beautiful Pain in the hometown of Kotečniku, about 50 kilometers east of Ljubljana, his first 8c+. "It was really a suffering but beautiful," said Ema, "just like the name of the route. I started working the pitch about a month ago for a total of about 10 sessions. It's a great 63 movement endurance test. Now to consolidate the base of my training, I want to go up many 8a and then next winter I will go to Spain to try something hard again."

Very clear ideas for this square Slovenian girl who curiously centered this realization on the same crag where, in the 2015, it was also Janja Garnbret who climbed the first 8c +. May a similar future be envisaged? We will see, meanwhile, we will follow with interest Seliškar and his upcoming performances.


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