Never stop believe! The first 8c by Pietro Bassotto at 55 years old.

A constant growth over the years and the recent exploit on Extrema Cura in Gravere

08 April 2019
First 8c for 55-year-old climber Pietro Bassotto who solved Extrema Cura in Gravere.

The degree is a relative concept, we know. There are routes with a confirmed grade but the perceived difficulty is another matter as also the performance is a relative concept and it is something different from the grade. And an 8c at 55, as Pietro Bassotto did, is a great performance. The strong climber from Rivalta di Torino, in fact, closed a few days ago Extrema Cura in Gravere, thus reaching a grade that had never risen before and showing everyone how it can be constantly improved even for many years and get to still get some good satisfaction. And in addition to keeping this passion at stellar levels for 30 years, Pietro also passed it on to his son Davide, who was also an excellent and strong climber.

"Extrema Cura 8c Gravere. As I began to try many years ago, I remember Davide as a child playing under the crag, and then closing the route last year. It's a shot that put me in emotional difficulty, it had become a mental block. Although I have come very close over the years, I have never been able to close it. Climbing outdoor bouldering up to the 8a+ gave me the awareness that I could do it. And so it was yesterday (March 31)! Quest year after a few attempts I finally succeeded! At the threshold of my 56 years. "

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