Jacek Matuszek and Lukasz Dudek climbs Project Fear, 8c in Lavaredo

The two climbers on Dave McLeod route

17 August 2017

Another great ascent for Jacek Matuszek and Lukasz Dudek that on north of Cima Grande di Lavaredo did the third climb of Project Fear, 8c route opened by Dave McLeod in 2014 and repeated just by Robbie Phillips and Willis Morris.

Project Fear is a old aid route that for some pitch follows an indipendet route to link into the last part of Pan Arona, great must of Alex Huber.
This is just the last wonderful route done by duo. In 2013, Jacek and Lukasz did End of Silence of Thomas Huber on Feuerhorn and in 2014 Des Kaiser Neue Kleider by Stefan Glowacz. In 2015 did the second ascent of Brento Centro (900m, 8b), then Bellavista (500m, 8b+) in Lavaredo and Silbergeier (200m, 8b+) in Ratikon but also the Via degli Spagnoli (500m, 8b+) on Cima Grande again.

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