Jakob Schubert, second ascent of Neanderthal 9b

Austrian champion on another Chris Sharma route

29 December 2018
Jakob Schubert repeats Neanderthal in Santa Linya, 9b.

Yet another umpteenth performance by the Austrian Jakob Schubert who in Santa Linya has managed to repeat another pitch of Chris Sharma. This is Neanderthal, a very long and extreme route of 9b that after the first ascent of American ace in 2009, has not seen repetitions.

"On my first day of study of the street," Jakob wrote, "I thought it would take a long time to climb this monster of 115 movements. But I made a lot of progress and today, on the sixth day, I passed the crux and I got to the chain. Such long runs require a great psychological commitment but make the climb even more rewarding. "

Neanderthal goes so to add to Stoking the Fire always in Santa Linya climbed in 2018, La Planta de Shiva in Villanueva del Rosario ascended in 2016 and its first 9b, Fight or Flight in Oliana closed four years ago. It is not for Schubert in this count, the recent El Bon Combat which he considers to be a 9a+.

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