Jakob Schubert climbs El Bon Combat of Chris Sharma and downgrades to 9a+

At Cova de Ocell, Austrian climber does first ascent

02 December 2018
Jakob Schubert does the second ascent pf famous El Bon Combat and gives a personal 9a+ to this ruoute opened by Chris Sharma.

Spain, Sant de Martí de Centelles. Here the famous Cova de Ocell dominates the small Iberian village and here the Austrian Jakob Schubert recently climbed the famous El Bon Combat, Chris Sharma's route opened in 2015, which he considers to be 9a+. The American assigned other degree, 9b/9b+, but could face a really important downward revisitation. The news of the first ascent had made soon the rounds of the Web, also because it was the usual umpteenth confirmation of the skills of a climber who deeply marked the history of climbing, and in these years other exceptional climbers such as Patxi Usobiaga and Ramón Julián Puigblanque had tried this shot without success.

Schubert arrived at the first repetition and "although it is easy not to think too much about the grade and take the first 9b/9b+ evaluation as good", writes Jakob "I think it's 9a+ hard but I'm curious to know what other climbers think."

How could Chris have taken this news? Guys, he's Sharma…and he was the one who brought Jakob on the route and let him try it. After what has gone up it is logical to think that this downgrade may not care much.

What is certain is that the strong Austrian climber is living a crazy moment. The year opened in the best way with the ascent of Stoking the Fire in Santa Linya, which after Fight or Flight and La Planta de Shiva, was the third 9b for Schubert and shortly thereafter, also at the Cova de l'Ocell, Flash flash Catalan Witness The Fitness (also released by Sharma and graded from 8c to 8b+).

Just the right time to repeat the legendary Dreamtime in Cresciano, Jakob then threw himself body and soul into competitions winning the Lead World Cup and the Lead and Combined of the World Championship.

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