Jonatan Flor, some great climb until Ali Hulk Ext. Total, 9a+

Explosion of the Spanish boy in his Rodellar

16 July 2019
Fresh from the repetition of Ali Hulk Extension Total with which he added another 9a+ in his curriculum, Jonatan Flor signed a month that saw him climb several grade 9 routes.

Only at the beginning of June we had the news of the first 9a+ of Jonatan Flor when had climbed No Pain, No Gain to Rodellar and in a scarcely abundant month, the 1996 Spanish climber scored a series of important routes with a constancy of true champion. Immediately after this realization, he also climbed Autoengaño, 9a at the Las Ventanas sector and then quickly replicated on Siempre libres 8c+/9a and Borrachos libres and Siempre inconformistas, both of 9a. Not even the time to catch his breath that in the past few days has begun to work and has also closed Ali Hulk Extension Total, always in Rodellar, obviously, repeating the success on 9a +.

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