Jorge Díaz-Rullo rclimbs the first 9b doing La Planta de Shiva

The 20 year-old Spaniard is still growing and performing in Villanueva del Rosario

28 May 2019
Jorge Díaz-Rullo solves La Planta de Shiva in Villanueva del Rosario and enters the exclusive club of 9b climbers.

It is not at all obvious that if you do the 8c boulder, you also do the 9b with the rope, in fact, we say that it is something rather reserved for the chosen few. Yet the performance of these months by the Spanish Jorge Díaz-Rullo could have hinted that something really big was at least in the air.

In fact, in Villanueva del Rosario, this 20 climber from Madrid solved the famous La Planta de Shiva, thus closing his first 9b. Jorge's remarkable story begins in 2017 when Ali Hunk Extension ascends in August, securing the first 9a+ in Rodellar. Not even the time to get used to the degree that already last year begins to release pitches to which it assigns the same grade. This is Panorama, right in the Madrid area, and the Iberian Circus in Cuenca, done respectively in July and November.

It is very logical to realize that someone thought that it is easy to give a high grade with little experience but without delay Díaz-Rullo then decided to follow this ascending parabola and launch directly into 9b, now solved. This is the fifth climb of the route. Equipped by Manolo del Castillo and José Irigoyen, La Planta de Shiva has seen the previous ascents by Adam Ondra, who released it in 2011, Jakob Schubert in 2016, Angela Eiter in 2017 and Jonathan Siegrist at the beginning of this month.


photo Javi Pec

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