Josè Luis Palao frees Gioconda, new 9a of really hard El Museo sector at Rodellar

The new high difficulty spot further enriches

04 September 2019
Spanish climber Jose Luis Palao has released a new 9a in the El Museo di Rodellar sector, Gioconda.

Work is underway in Rodellar where the couple Daniel Andrada and Jose Luis Palao are continuing to churn out high difficulty pearls, making the El Museo sector a real godsend for superclimbers. In fact, Palao has recently did the FA of Gioconda, a new 9a, among the first equipped pitches but still to be released and thanks to some sessions it has reached the length chain. And what, like all the pitches in the sector, bears the name of a work of art, should be the 19th pitch over the 8c+ in the area, with many other lengths still to be climbed and, in perfect Spanish style, many others to connect, intersect, link and connect. In short, an open playing field.


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