The Uruguayan Sebastián Rodríguez solves Pengim Penjam in Sant Miquel del Fai

First 8c climber from the South American country

02 May 2019
Sebastián Rodríguez climbed Pengim Penjam near Barcelona and he the first Uruguayan climber to do an 8c route.

A piece of news that will not upset the international climbing scene but that certainly helps to give value to it even where climbing is not the first thought in the morning. In fact, Uruguayan climber Sebastián Rodríguez climbed Pengim Penjam, pitch at Sant Miquel del Fai (Barcelona), becoming the first climber in his country able to resolve an 8c. A drop in the middle of the sea of performance but that opens the door to high difficulty even for the South American country where precisely our sport still has a lot to grow. Sebastián was born 24 years ago in Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital, but at the age of 8 he moved to the important Spanish city. Here at 17 he discovered climbing and in 2017 he climbed, 8b+ to Santa Linya, an antechamber of the current performance he had been meditating for some time. "It was a way that inspired me a lot, especially when it was climbed by Edu Marin in 2012 on sight. Climbing is not very developed in Uruguay but I would like to close other pitches and gain experience and then bolt some sectors there."


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