Laura Rogora opens It Segid Narg, new 8c+ at Sperlonga

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17 December 2017
New route opened at Sperlonga by Laura Rogora that resolved It Segid Narg, a new 8c+.

“Yesterday i sent It segid Narg, a very long connection in sperlonga. It starts from Arenauta, then goes trough Invidia, Grandi Gesti and finishes on Viaggio=Infinito. I tried it for some days some months ago and I really didn't expect to do it yesterday!!! It's very hard to give a grade, while I was trying it I thought it could be as hard as grandi gesti, while during the sent it seems a bit easier, so I propose 8c+, hoping that one day someone will repeat it and give his opinion”

This 2017 was an incredibile year for Laura. Many FA were realized like La Gasparata 8c+/9a and Ercole 8c/+ at Collepardo and same Invidia 8c/8c+ at Sperlonga. At Peitrasecca did La Morte, a 8c route bolted by Andrea Di Bari in 1987 and in February climbed her second 9a doing Joe Cita at Oliana. In July debuted in World Cup Lead at Villars and obtained a wonderful sixth place while thanks the results of Combine qualification result during Youth Championship in Innsbruck, she will be one of our athletes at Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games next year.

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