Laura Rogora did the FA of Réveille-toi! New 9a

Collepardo crag gives another pearl thanks to our very strong athlete

03 June 2019
Laura Rogora frees a new route in Collepardo which grades 9a.

Here she is again in great form. Laura Rogora has returned to roar and did it in her Collepardo where she released a new terrible pitch. In fact, at La Cueva, Lalla has climbed Réveille-toi!, route that she likes to be 9a and that if confirmed would add to her already substantial list.

In February 2016, in fact, the Rogora climbed Grandi Gesti, initially given as 9a, which recently saw a slight retouch to 8c+/9a or 8c+ according to Adam Ondra. 8c+/9a also for its first ascents in Collepardo of Tomorrowland extension in November 2016 and La Gasparata in January 2017, to then reach the full 9a ​​the following month by repeating Joe Cita to Oliana. In April 2018 still an FA of 8c+/9a with Sitting Bull and then devoted himself to competitions until winter, where in January of this year he repeats Esclatamasters in Perles, Spain, another 9a.

Powerful, precise and constant growth just like her climbing style and perhaps that dream called Biographie left unfinished, is a little closer now.

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