Louis Vuitton presents his chalk bag

The French colossus brand is inspired by climbing

04 June 2019

Climbing is changing. It has been said for a long time and in the last few months has really amazed in terms of expansion and popularity. Already, the popularity. A double-edged sword that brings development on one side and commercialization on the other. From the idealisms that are then dissolved before the right offers to sell-offs and speculations, even in this field we have seen sorts of things. There was no lack of fashion for big names to break into the vertical scene by taking over one of the objects symbolizing climbing to make it a luxury item and it happened with Louis Vuitton who launched a beautiful little bag on the market, the Chalk Nano Bag, that fashion designer Virgil Abloh has created for the prestigious French company. An object truly reproduced with care and with four metal links to evoke a chain! Fantastic.

Now the bad news. If you were already thinking of giving it to the girlfriend, well know that online at the moment it costs $1590.00, roughly the amount a climber worth of this name spends on beer per year and therefore an absolutely untouchable bagdet.

Seriously, it obviously remains a good thing that this sport can be an inspiration even for those who have absolutely nothing with it. After all, even The North Face had dressed Alex Honnold ad hoc for the Oscar (he couldn't go short and tank top ...) or, if you remember, Chris Sharma was the "protagonist" of a commercial for Ralph Lauren.

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