Luca Andreozzi climbs Coup de Foudre at Camaiore crag and proposes 9a!

After three years of attempts, a new personal target

18 April 2019
Finally closed project for Luca Andreozzi that realized the FA of Coup de Foudre in Camaiore and proposes his first 9a.

The dream becomes reality for Luca Andreozzi, a dream that risked turning into a nightmare. Too hard? Perhaps, but the important thing is to believe in it and try it, always. And after three years the FA has finally arrived and so can announce the ascent of Coup de Foudre, route in Camaiore bolted by Andrea Gelfi and Marco Peli.

"I started trying the route in 2017. It is basically the complete version of Nirvana, an 8c+ that I climbed the previous year (although it hasn't been repeated yet, it has been confirmed by the attempts of some strong climbers including Matteo Gambaro), to which are added about 20 movements of which a very intense section around the 8th block, I think it is the most difficult thing I have climbed because it took me about 7 months to do Nirvana and to add the piece over 3 years, never tried anything this long!

I always knew that it was something new in terms of difficulty for me comparing it also to the 9a that Adam Ondra did a few years ago. Coup de Foudre is much harder than the 8c I made, like Jumanji (2nd repetition) Aurora 8c, Il Gemone 8B/C and precisely Nirvana.
But above all I want to say that for me this way really means so much on a personal level, beyond the grade, I am sure that Coup de Foudre will always remain one of those routes you call by name and, why not, also a beautiful legacy for future generations of Tuscan climbers."

Photo by Giulia Gentilini

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