Marcello Bruccini climbs La Terza Età, hir first 9a

At Camaiore another Italian climber touches the most coveted grade

02 May 2019
Marcello Bruccini climbed La Terza Età (The Third Age) in Camaiore and realizes the dream of climbing the first 9a.

Immense personal satisfaction for the strong Italian climber Marcello Bruccini who in San Rocchino, in the Camaiore area, repeated La Terza Età, bolted by Severino Scassa and Edo Bendinelli and who saw the first ascent by Adam Ondra when in 2017 visited this important center of high Italian difficulty giving, in addition to this route, also the first ascent of Naturalmente, a pitch opened by Bruccini himself together with Stefanino Zanchetta. This is, for now, the first 9a for Marcello who has some cult routes in his curriculum such as Le Minimum, 8c at Buoux; Ombra, 8b+ at Finale; The Prosecutio at Candalla Bassa, 8c freed by him as well as Il Gemone 8b+ or No Siesta, 8b at the Specchio di Atlantide crag.

This is the umpteenth five-star performance of a Italian climber in recent months capable of reaching this dream-like degree. Not even two weeks ago, Luca Andreozzi had released his mega project always in Camaiore, renamed Coup de Foudre, grading it pending confirmation 9a while in early April it was Giuseppe Nolasco with his ascent of Ground Zero to the Tetto di Sarre to touch the grade 9 for the first time. March had opened with the performance of Gabriele Gorobey who in Slovenia, in Mišja peč, had done Sanjski par extension, followed shortly after by Luca Marzari on Revolution in Lumignano and then by Marco Zanone on Coup de Grace in Val Bavona.

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