[VIDEO] Mateusz Haladaj on Zugzwang, 8c+/9a

Hard project in Frankenjura for the strong climber from Lodz

16 October 2018
Mateusz Haladaj climbed Zugzwang, in Frankenjura, for which he proposes the grade of 8c+/9a.

Over a week of attempts, in addition to the days spent last year, is the time served to Mateusz Haladaj to climb Zugzwang, route in Frankenjura which he considers to be an 8c+/9a. This curious name has German origin and is taken from the language of Chess and means "forced to move".

"Zugzwang in Chess means that you are forced to make a move while knowing that you will suffer a checkmate or that you will still have losses. I felt exactly like that when I tried it ... The name perfectly reflects the specific character of climbing, where on the precision steps of precision, you can not make the slightest mistake because you can fall anywhere".

Very long list of grade 9 pitches climbed by this Polish climber. Between 2015 and 2016 he resolved Papichulo at Oliana and First Ley at Margalef, both 9a +, but in these years did other important repetitions, as among others, the 9a of Seleccio Natural, Analogue Natural, Ciudad de Dois, Open Your Mind Direct or Fuck the System in Spain or Martin Krpan in Misja Oec, famous for being Adam Ondra's first 9a when he was only 13 years old.

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