Matteo Menardi climbs Thunder Riber and it's 9a again

Massone crag at Arco is the spot of new performance for the Italian climber

01 April 2019
Another 9a on the bulletin board for Matteo Menardi who repeats Thunder Riber in the Massone area in Arco.

Yet another 9a for Matteo Menardi and this time in Arco, precisely in Massone, where he climbed Thunder Ribes, a very long route freed by Stefano Ghisolfi in December 2016 and for which we find Silvio Reffo, Eric Albertini, Alfredo Webber and Davide Picco among the repeaters. The first 9a of Matteo dates back to March 2015, when in Gemona del Friuli he hit the first repeat of Nove Gi, a route opened no less than from Adam Ondra and that had made him become the youngest Italian climber to have ever climbed a similar one difficulty.

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