Matteo Menardi climbs Water World, 9a

The cave of Osp reserves another performance for the strong climber of Cortina

04 November 2019
Matteo Menardi has climbed Water World, another 9a, the number seven now for him, located in Osp, Slovenia.

Another 9a performance for the always strong Matteo Menardi who repeated Water World in the famous Slovenian spot of Osp, a length released by Klemen Becan in March 2014.

"Water World is one of the longest and overhanging pitches in the Osp cave. Yesterday the rock was in slightly better condition, which helped me on this crazy overhang. It's great to have climbed this pitch as my seventh 9a."

9a's of Matteo Menardi
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November 2019: Water World, Osp/Misja Pec

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