Red River Gorge, Melissa Le Nevé climbs also Golden Ticket

Fourth 8c+ for strong French climber

29 November 2018
An always performing Melissa Le Nevé solved Golden Ticket at River Gorge, thus bringing the personal 8c+ to four routes.

She is one of the most popular names in climbing and is always a protagonist both in competitions and rock. French Melissa Le Nevé returned to Red River Gorge and climbed a line that has long dreamed, Golden Ticket. "I do not think you've ever been so happy to get on a line. Since I had seen Adam ascending this on sight, I was struck by this path". In 2012, in fact, the Czech champion climbed both this route and Pure Imagination on sight, repeating 8c + and 9a as initially evaluated by previous climbers.

Despite having spent years in the Lead and Bouldering World Cup circuit, Melissa did some five-star routes. Also in Red River, she also climbed Southern Smoke and Fifty Words for Pump but also Black Sheep in Ceuse, all 8c+, but above all was the first woman to climb Wall Street in Frankenjura, historian 8c of the great master Wolfgang Gullich.



Zenit 740x195

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