Moritz Welt climbs Black Label in Frankenjura, 9a

A few weeks ago he had also opened a new 8c +

25 April 2020
Interesting climbs for Moritz Welt in Frankenjura where he repeated a 9a and freed an 8c + just before.

"At the moment climbing here in Frankenjura is allowed, but only with one contact person and closest family. So we are not able to meet a lot of people at the moment or go in groups. I also try to prevent injuries by not taking any risk."

So Mortiz Welt specified his recent performances in Frankenjura where he recently made two interesting climbs. The first dates back to about three weeks ago and is the first ascent of Space Oddity, a new 8c+, while he has just repeated Black Label, for him of 8c+/9a and freed by Markus Bock in 2013.

"When I did Black Label I was only there with my dad who belayed me. Due to the restrictions, there couldn't be any photographer to take pictures."


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