Nacho Sánchez climbs Esperanza, his first 9a route

Not only boulder for strong Spanish climber

21 November 2017
First 9a for boulder specialist Nacho Sánchez that resolved Esperanza at Colmenar.

Provisional change of target for Spanish climber Nacho Sánchez that in Colmenar, a village in Andalusia, climbed Esperanza, a 9a route opened by Dani Andrada in 2005. This is the first route of this grade for him and started with this project last spring. In 2011, Dani introduced the 8c grade in Spain doing the FA of Entropia at Castillo de Bayuela and then did other great climbs like Insomnio 8c in 2012 and Crisis 8c/+ in 2014, both at Crevillente or Cthulhu 8c at Arnao in 2015. He was able also to resolve famous boulder line like Monkey Wedding at Rocklands and Catalan Witness de Fitness at Cova de l’Ocell, naturally 8c.

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