[VIDEO] Nina Caprez climbs To Bolt or Not To Be

Historical route in USA done by J.B.Tribout in 1986

01 December 2017
Nina Caprez meets history in USA where resolved To Bolt or Not To Be

It’s just an 8b+, a grade resolved by many climbers today, but it’s one of the most important route of this grade in USA. Climbed first time by J.B.Tribout in 1986, introducing in this way a new grade of difficult, To Bolt or Not To Be becomed an important target. In 1998, legend Lynn Hill done the first female ascent, followed by Paige Claassen and Beth Rodden, or young Drew Ruana that in 2013, when he was just 13, climbed this pitch.

Nina is famous above all for her alpinism. In August of this year opened L’Or du Temps with Arnaud Petit, a majestically route on Monte Bianco and last year done the ascent of Divine Provvidence, pearl of Gabarrou and Marsigny. In 2015 repeated also Unendliche Geschichte in Ratikon, a really unknow route resolved with Babsi Zangerl.

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