Paige Claassen did Shadowboxing at Rifle, 9a

Climbing success and social initiatives for strong American climber

08 October 2019
The American Paige Claassen climbed another 9a doing Shadowboxing in Rifle.

Another success for the stainless Paige Claassen that in Rifle, Colorando, has climbed another 9a winning Shadowboxing, a route that "is 90% underclings, 10% micro crimps, and 100% delicate feet, so it's a 200% route. Under the tutelage of my Shadowboxing coach, friend, and partner for this Rifle season, @neelyquinn, I did weekly bicep curls, which helped me recover on the undercling rests and power through the undercling cruxes."

But as always, Paige's work doesn't just close hard routes. For years committed on various fronts to defend the rights of different realities, in November Claassen will leave harnesses and postponements to devote herself to something more socially useful. "I run the Southern Africs Education Fund which operates in Namibia by providing educational facilities in rural areas of the country. In 2018 we reached 4 classrooms and 4 more will be built in 2019. More than half of the children are orphans or come from highly disadvantaged families. Their education is a first step towards escaping poverty."

And this even more than a 9a.

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