Pete Dawson climbs Brian, 8c+

Third ascent from the FA 14 years ago

07 July 2017

If from a side there are 9a routes like Era Vella that counts more than 30 ascents, all from 2010 to 2015, there are easier routes that in more then a decade have a very little numero of climbs. One of these is Brian, at Anstey’s Cove on Ferocity Wall in Devon, a pitch that links Poppy with Tuppence Ha’pezzy, both 8b+. This was climbed first by Ken Palmer in 2003 and graded just 8c. Then, in 2015, 18 yo Ellis Butler-Barker did the second but upgrading it to 8c+. Just Malcolm Smith was able to do to a simil route at this age when in 1992 did Hubble.

Now is Pete Dawson the third climber to complete the ascent of Brian realizing his best performance on the favorite wall. Here in fact, he did his first 7b and 7b+ climbing Empire of the Sun e The Lynch, before to climb harder doing Cider Soak, Pet Cemetery, Tuppence, Fisherman's Tale, Chimera or Poppy. Despite he knew all the holds of Brian and all moves, he dedicated to ihis several sassions from 2016 when begane to dedicate himself to this route.

UK is not the mecca of sport climbing but if you look a different placet o find ruotes far from trends, this could be perfect placet to fight against a “simply” 8 grade.


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