Peter Dawson wins his first 9a doing Rainshadow at Malham Cove

And at Smith Rock Ted Kingsnorth climbs Just Do It!

04 June 2018
First 9a for 19 years old climber Peter Dawson that at Malham Cove, in UK, resolved the famous Rainshadow.

That there are route and route as well as degrees and degrees is a known fact. Some are taken literally by assault, others repeated rarely and others completely ignored. Since 2003, the year of its first ascent, RainShadow, the 9a pearl of the UK Malham Cove crag, has seen just a few repetitions. Perhaps the fact that climbing the first time was a great master like Steve McClure did desist some good climber with all the credentials to close it, who knows. Of course this was not for the 19 year old Exeter Peter Dawson who at the time of the FA of years had only 4 that to reach the degree so coveted, he certainly did not choose something easily chewable.

Despite the beautiful performance, Peter is not however the youngest Englishman to have climbed this cult. In May 2016, in fact, William Bosi, 17 years old, did a repetition and for him it was the first 9a.

From one side of the ocean to the other and always talking about pulling you mythical, another Englishman Ted Kingsnorth managed to complete his long-standing project at Smith Rock climbing the famous Just Do It !, pitch of "only" 8c + in 1992 realized by JB Tribout, that at the time of his it was the hardest street in the States.



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