Piotr Schab does Catxasa, 9a+

Waiting superproject, the strong Polish climber keeps strong in Santa Linya

11 April 2018
In Spain in fact, Piotr did Catxasa, a 9a+ opened by Chris Sharma in 2010 with just some other ascents. “Standstill on the main proj and huge amounts of rain made me hide under the Santa Linya’s roof.

As I felt the power to slowly fade away, the choice of Catxasa - the most overganged and brutal route in the Cave, became obvious. I needed two days to figure out the right betas and for my body to adapt to the moves, to finally send it in the first go of day three, feeling in control the whole way up. Rumor has it that the route stopped the best climber in the world. Climbing it in 6 tries and joining the club alongside with Chris Sharma, Ramonet, Sachi Amma and Jakob Schubert makes me proud and is a huge dose of confidence much needed right now. Let's not waste time for celebration, just go for more.

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