Piotr Schab climbs Biographie at Céüse

Fourth 9a+ for great Polish climber

10 June 2018
Two years from first attempts, Poitr Schab finaly resolved famous Biographie at Ceuse and did his fourth 9a+ so.

A long siege in 2016, then several impediments to close the project and now finally the happy epilogue. It could be summarized in this way the story that involved what is currently the absolute strongest sport climber, Piotr Scab, and one of the most famous route in the world, Biographie, in France.

"I had tried it for a long time in July 2016, then the problems started. I have planned three trips to close it but every time there was some obstacles. Now I'm back, more stronger and motivated, and finally I closed something really important for me.”

Certainly, in these two years, Piotr becomed a strong climber. This is his forut 9a+. In April did Catxasa at Santa Linya, in August 2017 Thor’s Hammer at Flatanger graded with a personal 9a+ and the year before started with this great series doing Papichulo at Oliana but not only. In 2016 opened Stal Mielecm 9a/9a+ at Dolina Kluckzwody, in Poland, while Los Ultimos Vampiros Hippies and L’Espiadimonis at Margalef, Nuska at Baltzola, American Hastle at Oliana and Nordic Flower at Flatanger are his 8c climbed on sight till now.

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