Pirmin Bertle climbs Panthera, 9a in Frankenjura

The Corona chain is also close in his "almost" perfect day

18 April 2020
Close to saturation for news on bans and statistical data, they also arrive with the dropper very rare news of achievements.

Pirmin Bertle in fact announced that he had recently had an "almost" perfect day in Frankenjura with a closed target and one on which he did very well, postponing the chain to the next attempt.

"Hardly more than an hour at the crag 10km away from home with my wife. Warm up at my wall at home, first try Panthera (11/9a) – fifth try this year. The route had apparently only three ascents from Markus Bock, Adam Ondra and Alex Megos.

Perfect conditions after warm weather the last days and a small cold front yesterday. Dry wind again from the east, 5° or 6 °. Perfect grip and a try without mistakes over the 9 moves 8B start boulder plus four more a little easier into kind of a drawer (with a nice feeling of control until the last moves but ice cube fingers) – a no hand rest you can lie down in. 5 minutes later I have defrosted enough for the last meters 7a to the chain"

Obviously there are also heavy restrictions in Germany and therefore the stay on the crag has been minimized as much as possible, just over a specific Pirmin hour, where he moved with his wife who made her safe and warming up at home. 

"It was NOT my goal to hamper the fight against Covid-19 with this, but not to let pass great sending conditions is part of my job as a climber – when many other things like slide shows, workshops and trainings fall apart. The risk of having an accident in such a well-equipped overhanging route after so many years of climbing is extremely low and at Schneiderloch there was as usually no one around."

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