First 8c+ for Andrea Cartas

Climbs Così Fan Tutte at Rodellar

01 October 2017
Personal first 8c+ for Spanish climber Andrea Cartas that at La Piscineta of Rodellar resolved Così Fan Tutte.

Fondamental for her motivation, the recent realizations of Anak Verhoeven and Margo Hayes and the climbs of Sweet Neuf and Biographie, the two 9a+ done by females this month.

Così Fan Tutte was climbed by a woman first time in 2011 thanks to Sasha DiGiulian, her third of this grade. Then by Alexandra Taistra, Matilda Söderlund and Brooke Raboutou but also on sight by Magnus Midtboe in 2013.

Andrea did her first 8c in 2012 resolving the famous White Zombie at Cueva de Baltzola but in July of this year, did also a 8c/8c+ FA just in La Piscineta opening Der Fan Tutte, a new link from Der Des Ders to exactly Così Fan Tutte.

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