First 9b for Felipe Camargo that did El Bon Combat

At the Cove de L'Ocell, the Brazilian climber realizes a dream

23 April 2019
Felipe Camargo definitely enters the history of climbing by closing his first 9b thanks to the ascent of El Bon Combat at the Cova de Ocell, in Spain.

Definitive consecration for the Brazilian Felipe Camargo who at the Cova de Ocell centered the ascent of his first 9b, and first also for a climber from the South American country, closing the El Bon Combat project, freed by Chris Sharma in 2015 and then repeated only by Jakob Schubert in 2018. After an initial difficult of 9b/+ by Sharma, the Austrian then downgraded it to something close to 9a+ but, since the truth is in the middle, Camargo values ​​him as 9b, unquestionably harder than all the rest he climbed so far, namely Papichulo ad Oliana in 2017 and Gancho Perfecto at Margalef in November last year.

"I dreamed of David Lama the night before. I woke up sad and without expectations. I didn't care if I closed it or not. On the first try I broke an hold but at the second, the wind stopped for a moment, I managed to get over the crux and I got to rest with my knee in place. For the first time I didn't feel any pressure. What I was able to think of at the time was how well David climbed. I remembered a World Cups where I saw him win, climbing confident and so relaxed, then the wind came up ... I didn't hesitate, I climbed quickly and I succeeded! I passed the rope through the chain and immediately started crying. It was a moment I will never forget!"

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