First 9b for Matty Hong that does Fight or Flight!

Fourth American to resolve this grade

03 May 2018
Work done for Matty Hong in Spain where resolved his big project Fight or Flight doing his first 9b so.

No secrets for him. For some weeks Matty informed thanks his socials to try the first 9b. In Spain for a long time in fact, he was on Fight or Flight and finally it went down. Matty is the fifth climber to climb this route and fourth American to solve a 9b. In fact, since 2011 when Chris Sharma freed this pitch at Oliana, the only other repetitions were those of Adam Ondra in 2013 and of Jakob Schubert and Sachi Amma in 2015. In this way, the name of Hong is added to those of the same Sharma, of Ethan Prigle who in 2015 climbed Jumbo Love to Clark Mountain and Daniel Woods, who just a few days ago had solved La Capella.


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