Prinzip Hoffnung Mania: also Maddy Cope did the route at Bürser Platte

Third ascent in less than a month of this Austrian must

02 April 2019
Maddy Cope has climbed the famous Prinzip Hoffnung on the Bürser Platte, solving this difficult 8b+ trad in Austria.

Third ascent in less than a month of the famous Prinzip Hoffnung on the Bürser Platte, route, as mentioned several times, opened by Beat Kammerlander ten years ago, for which a true mania seems to be unleashing. This time it was the climber Madeline Cope who hit the redpoint, following a few days Nadine Wallner and three weeks ago Michi Wohlleben, just to mention those made this year. Maddy is traveling in continental Europe with partner Ryan Pasquill and she's visiting some famous climbing areas.

"After climbing from the parts of Lleida, I was ready to change scenery," said Cope. "My arms were tired of the Spanish crags (at Oliana she climbed Mind Controll, 8c) and this wall seemed like a good option to me." After visiting Voralpsee, where Ryan closed Speed ​​Integrale 9a, they moved towards Prinzip, not too far away.

"We went to dinner in Bludenz with some friends who advised us to take a look at Prinzip Hoffnung since it is very British style. It was very hot and humid but when I tried top rope and all the movements came, so I decided to go back and try it again. I have seen many photos of Beat and the video of Babsi and it was fun to see your superheroes doing something you will try. "

And to escape the heat in recent days, Maddy climbed in the evening and at night, trying to rise in the light of the front lamp with several cardiac arrest flights. "In the end I decided to get up at 5, ready to try it with the first light, when the rock is not hot to be in the sun all day. It was never so nice to get up so early but it was worth it!"


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