Rock Master Festival 2017, let's start the battle

Qualifying day and prizes in the climbing capital

25 August 2017
The temperature in Arco di Trento started in 2017, the Rock Master Festival, the largest European climbing event that brings together all the strongest climbers in a show that has no comparisons.

After two days of Rock Junior, in fact, these are the Lead World Cup qualifiers that will animate the Climbing Stadium and the adrenaline runs through rivers.

There are a lot of people present for this event, including Alex Megos and Adam Ondra, who are very much looking forward to an autograph or a photo of them as Jakob Schubert, Ramonet, Janja Garnbret, Ashima Shiraishi, Brooke Raboutou, Margo Hayes and many other race stars who are populating this incredible event. No one wanted to miss it. Arch is Arch and the climate and hospitality that breathes in the Thirty City are unique.

Naturally, our national team is packed with a lot of athletes. The names are Stefano Ghisolfi, Francesco Vettorata, Alberto Gotta, Marcello Bombardi, Lorenzo Carasio, Griorgio Bendazzoli, Alessandro Zeni, David Oberprantacher, Claudia Ghisolfi, Laura Rogora, Jenny Lavarda, Andrea Ebner, Jana Messner.

Qualifications will continue until mid-afternoon when Speed ​​will be left behind. As usual, Arco will also host the World Cup race of this specialty and there will be plenty of athletes for us here too. Ludovico Fossali, Leonardo Gontero, Alessandro Santoni, Gian Luca Zodda, Stanislao Zama, Christian Dorigatti, Alessandro Cingari, Gabriele Randi, Leonardo Sandrin, Filip Schenk, Pietro Biagini, David Piccolruaz, Juri Unterkofler, Elisabetta Dalla Brida, Francesca Vasi, Alessandra Zanetti, Martina Zanetti, Sara Morandini, Giulia Medici, Asja Gollo, Giorgia Tesio and Camilla Moroni will be the blues that will represent us at 15 meters of the Climbing Stadium this evening.

Not even the time to catch the breath that at 9 pm another appointment is not to be missed. Arco Rock Legends will host the Arco Rock Legends with the La Sportiva Competition Awards and the Wild Country Rock Awards. This morning, the jury of which UpClimbing is part has gathered to decide the name of the winners among the six candidates and so you are all invited to the Casino tonight.

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