Rodellar gives another 9a to Kymy de la Peña and José Luis Palao

The great period of two strong climbers goes on

25 September 2019
Another 9a in curriculum respectively for the Spaniards Kymy de la Peña and José Luis Palao who in Rodellar confirm their good moment of form.

Other performances for the two strong Spaniards Kymy de la Peña and José Luis Palao who in Rodellar, one of the most popular spot of the moment, scored another good 9a. We are talking about Autoengaño for Kymy and Apocalypto for Palao, freed last month by Jonathan Flor, and they are respectively the second and eighth route of this grade for the two.

Autoengaño is located in the Dolphin sector and was bolted by Dani Andrada some years ago. Eight years went by before he resolved it, reaching the FA only in 2016. Since then, several climbers have closed the pitch including the already mentioned José Luis Palao and Jonathan Flor and now de la Peña, who had previously climbed only Seta Total in Cuenca, in 2017.

At the moment, Palao's curriculum is richer, having reached the 9a in 2014 with Fabela Total in Santa Linya. Since then he has also solved El Gran Bellanco in Montanejos, Seta Total and Leire in Cuenca, Siempre Inconformistas, Autoengaño and Gioconda in Rodellar.

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