Ryan Pasquill climbs another very technical 9a route: the famous Bain de Sang at Saint Loup

The Switzerland of vertical walls gives another success to the English climber

10 April 2019
Another 9a in a few days for Ryan Pasquill again in Switzerland where he closed the historic and famous Bain de Sang.

Objective technical routes for Ryan Pasquill that a few days after climbing the deadly Speed ​​Integrale at Voralpsee, scores another good 9a hit on the smooth blackboards of Switzerland. In fact, in Saint Loup, Ryan solved the Bain de Sang, practically 25 meters of vertical rock, freed in 1993 by the formidable Fred Nicole who solved at the time one of the first routes of this grade in the world.

"Bain is a dream route for me, a sort of historical timbre on a par with Action Direct, Hubble, Om, Mutation, Northern Lights etc. These are the types of sports routes that inspire me the most. I am not someone who gets excited when he closes a shot, but I must say that this definitely brought me a moment of rejoicing. Now back home and to work. "

Bain de Sang was also the first female 9a thanks to the unforgettable performance of Josune Bereziartu who climbed it in 2002.

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