Seb Bouin, FA of La Rage d’Adam, new 9b/+ in Verdon

The French climber at La Ramirole resolves a new high difficulty pearl

06 September 2019
Seb Bouin did the first ascent of La Rage d’Adam in Verdon, a new crazy route that evaluates to be 9b/9b+.

After a siege that lasted a few years, the strong French climber Seb Bouin finally freed La Rage d’Adam, a shot that awaited the FA and that Seb considers to be 9b/9b+! Bouin had already talked to us about this pitch in a previous interview and set it as one of his main goals, now reached.

"Wednesday was the day hooo yeah! This route was bolted few years ago. I visited it for the first time 4 years ago. Since that, I was trying it a little bit each year, but not so seriously.
This year, it was a big objective to me.

This route is really impressive by the beauty and the purety of the moves. The difficulty is not so long : there is a first short 8c (5.14b) of 6 quickdraws to reach the boulder crux problem. This boulder is HARD. It's around 10 amazing moves on little pinches and underclinds in a super overhang part. Then you have 25 meters of "easy" climbing (around 8b).

I am quite uncertain about the grade, this route is not so much my style, and I have not so much experience in this grade. It could be hard 9b or 9b/+. I will propose 9b/+, waiting repetitions to confirm or adjust."

The name originates from a visit that Adam made with Seb a few years ago to try the route. Bouin had told him about this very tough sequence but the Czech phenomenon itself did not think so demanding. "It could be 9b or 9b+" he said at the time, "if not harder. I never imagined a similar section."

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