Seb Bouin solves Move: second ascent of this 9b/+ at Flatanger!

French in the footsteps of Adam Ondra in Norway

18 June 2019
After a very long personal battle, Seb Bouin has finally did the first repeat of Move, a crazy Flatanger 9b/9b+ pitch.

Four summers were needed by the Frenchman Seb Bouin to take charge of his ambitious project and finally now the realization has arrived and has signed the second ascent of Move, monstrous, ultra-physical and super-trailing route in Flatanger, Norway.

The shot was released in 2013 by Adam Ondra and a particular sequence had put a strain on the Czech Republic's sacred monster to such an extent that the name chosen really explained everything about this 50-meter journey. Seb's is yet another performance on an Adam route. In April, in just four attempts, he had come to the top of Super Finale, in Rawyl, graded 9a, but above all he had also hit the second climb of Mamichula, 9b to Oliana, both freed by Ondra, without forgetting Pachamama's little previous repetition, still in the same Spanish mecca, and the first ascent of La Folle Histoire Immonde in Montpellier, 9a pitch that still hasn't seen any more climbs.



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